Hello, my fair citizens!
Hello, all! I am the fair ruler of the Candy Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum. I love science and all my candy citizens. Individual roleplayer. Anyone can roleplay with me, totes fine. Asks and M!A accepted! :)

Accepting Magic Anons (... not that I believe in magic....)

M!A in Effect: None. Send me some! :D
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ask-marcelinethevampirequeen asked: "Nice hat Peebutt."


"Thank you, I thought it looked quite nice indeed."

Anonymous asked: "April fools, PB!!!!!"


thegravitystuck asked: ""Just a lucky guess." He shrugged and strapped his portal gun on his back."

Princess Bubblegum blushed pink like her new portal gun. “Well, thank you for everything….. hey, I don’t believe I even know your name!”


queen-shyniece asked: "Do you find peppermint butler suspicious. ..of any way"

"Not particularly, no. He’s such a wonderful help around the kingdom, and he’s a very loyal butler. I do sometimes wish he’d stop summoning demons, though…"


vampsboyfriend-deactivated20140 asked: ""It's like looking into some sort of weird gender bending mirror" He said stunned looking at his opposite."

"Woah…" Princess Bubblegum said as her eyes widened, cocking her head as she looked at her male counterpart.

thegravitystuck asked: "He chuckled with her to make her feel like she made a funny joke. "Alright. Here you go." He handed her a pink colored portal gun with magenta and purple portals."

"Wow, thank you so much!" the Princess said. "And nice color scheme," she added, giggling, "how did you know I love pink?"


Anonymous asked: "Finn said he thinks you look delicious"

"Er, uh…" the Princess started, a blush apparent although her skin was already pink. "…well, humans, you know, have a love for sweet foods such as candy, because of its unique balance of aldehydes with a alanine-glycine mixture, giving it its sugary taste." She paused for a moment, then continued, "He must not have meant anything affinital by it, he serves me as a knight, that’s all."


princess bubblegum of the candy kingdom, requested by chere.