Hello, my fair citizens!
Hello, all! I am the fair ruler of the Candy Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum. I love science and all my candy citizens. Individual roleplayer. Anyone can roleplay with me, totes fine. Asks and M!A accepted! :)

Accepting Magic Anons (... not that I believe in magic....)

M!A in Effect: None. Send me some! :D
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Anonymous asked: "Finn got his arm back, are you happy??"

"Well, I think the candy biomass arm I made for him was a perfectly acceptable alternative to being armless," Princess Bubblegum muttered aloofly.


She shook her head, and gave a small smile. “But I’m happy he has a regular arm back, I suppose.”

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soul-withsorrowladen asked: "Hello ♥️"

"Greetings!" the Princess chirped, quirking a warm smile. "What brings you to the Candy Kingdom?"


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frostbite883 asked: "Are you fond of cats? If you are, what type of cat would you be fond of, your majesty? A Scottish Fold? A sphynx? A Russian Blue? German Rex? Manx? ....?"

"I’m actually quite fond of cats," Princess Bubblegum answered, her eyes lighting up. "I think I may be a Siamese, just as a guess. Now, if you’ll excuse me… it’s been a long day."


thegravitystuck asked: ""The names Shadow. I'm not from this dimension.""

"Oh…" the Princess said, nodding. "You’re one of those Time Room portal roaming dimension hoppers, aren’t you? Friends with Cosmic Owl and Death and all, right? I’ve always found inter-dimensional travel to be quite interesting."

eatingshadesofred asked: "Nice hat Peebutt."


"Thank you, I thought it looked quite nice indeed."

Anonymous asked: "April fools, PB!!!!!"


thegravitystuck asked: ""Just a lucky guess." He shrugged and strapped his portal gun on his back."

Princess Bubblegum blushed pink like her new portal gun. “Well, thank you for everything….. hey, I don’t believe I even know your name!”